Gillett wants more of same

Great goal: Simon Gillett equalises at  Portsmouth.   Picture: steve uttley
Great goal: Simon Gillett equalises at Portsmouth. Picture: steve uttley

ONE of Simon Gillett’s goals this season is to score more goals for Doncaster Rovers.

The midfielder grabbed his second of the season, hitting Rovers’ consolation goal in Saturday’s 3-1 defeat at Portsmouth.

“I was delighted with my goal (a cracking 25 yarder from a corner) but unfortunately it didn’t count for anything on the day,” he said,

Like team-mate Brian Stock, Gillett boasts a powerful right foot and isn’t afraid to back himself from anything up to 30 yards out.

“Scoring goals is something I did when I was younger and I know that I can do it and it’s something that I definitely want to add to my game, as does the manager,” he he said.

Reflecting on Rovers’ third successive defeat at Fratton Park, Gillett said: “Personally, I’d have preferred to have had a game yesterday,

“But we’ve got plenty of things to work on this week in training ahead of Saturday’s home game against Coventry.

“It’s a big game for us; they aren’t doing too well either.

“Jutkiewicz up front looks lively and he’s scored a few of goals for them. Martin Cranie, who is a mate of mine, is a good defender, but I think he’s out injured.

“I know they’ve got a decent squad and are a competitive team, so it will be a tough game but it’s one we need to win.

“We’ve got to get back to winning ways. We started well under the new manager but we we’ve dipped a bit lately. We’ve got to try and put that right.

“You’ve got to do whatever it takes to win. That’s what I’ve always been taught and I think that philosophy goes throughout football.

“As I said after Saturday’s game, we need to be more ruthless in both boxes and that’s something that we need to get a grip of and do.”

“You don’t get anything (in life) without hard work and that’s something that we need do in every game. If you don’t do that then you aren’t going to pick up many points.

“We might need to go back to basics and work hard to win our challenges; stop goals going in and score some ourselves.”

Despite Rovers only being kept off the bottom by Bristol, Gillett says team spirit remains high.

“We have a bit of a laugh at some of the names (reportedly joining us) being banded about but until anyone turns up we just get on with

“The manager is really positive man. He comes in every day with a smile on his face and although he is serious about his work, you can have a joke as well.”

Gillett claims that Saunders’ personality impacts on players. “We go into every training session and every game in a positive mood,” he said.