Food Aware project planned

A PROJECT to re-sell food discarded by supermarkets is to open a community shop in Conisbrough.

Food AWARE takes in goods from supermarkets and shops which are either on or just beyond the Best Before date and redistribute them to the needy.

A community shop, selling everything from fruit and veg to bread and soups at discount prices, will be opened on Friday at The Place community centre.

Project leader, Mexborough man Sean Gibbons, said: “All the foods we sell are completely safe and are Food Standards Agency approved.

“They are perfectly healthy goods which the supermarkets have decided against putting on their shelves because they maybe mis-shapen fruits or have a blemish on them.

“We sell them at low prices, and the revenue helps us to expand the project so we can support various charities.”

The Conisbrough store will be staffed by volunteers and will open every Friday from 10am-noon.

Sean added: “People will be able to get our healthy eating packs, which include about a dozen items of such things like bread and soups. There will also be frozen foods on sale.

“We also opened a similar shop in Bridlington this week and if they are successful the idea is to open more up in other areas.

“The principle is similar to The People’s Supermarket, which has been on the TV lately in that volunteers staff the shop to gain discounts on the food.

“I visited the shop in London recently and was impressed by it.

“Hopefully our project will start to get the recognition nationally which I think it deserves.”