Fans’ Forum: It’s time for Rovers fans to get a grip - Wesley Grimes

Paul Dickov
Paul Dickov

In the Woodspring bar in Weston Super Mare the place erupted as Doncaster Rovers was drawn out.

It was just what they wanted - a meeting with one of the ‘big boys’ in the first round of the FA Cup.

It got me thinking back to the Conference days when there was a sense of togetherness at the club. Everyone shared the same goal. We were mostly grateful that we still had a team to support. The trip to Dover was a 1-0 defeat but a victory for the club as few believed we’d ever see our team play again.

Sixteen years later and somewhere along the line, we could be described as being spoilt.

Four promotions, twice as champions, three competitive trophies and a fantastic League Cup run during which we slayed two Premiership teams, means that there are few teams that can boast the success that we can.

The last year, however, has seen our fan base become fractured.

The dismay at not retaining our Championship place despite looking safe has been followed with a poor start to the current season.

At Scunthorpe I witnessed our fans potentially at their worst.

After conceding a goal the chants for Dickov to ‘sort it out’ started.

Yet two goals in the second half heralded songs that there was in fact ‘only one Paul Dickov’.

Have we become that fickle that two goals in a matter of minutes can make or break whether we want to keep or sack our manager?

I then heard that a board member of one of our supporters’ organizations had been threatened for simply having an opinion and I wondered where we had gone wrong?

We all share a common goal, which is supporting DRFC. Owners come and go, managers come and go, but as fans we need to stick together and ensure that the experience is as pleasant as it possibly can be.

So it’s time for a call for arms, a ‘get a grip’ moment if you will. A time to look at Weston Super Mare celebrating a draw against us selfish lot and be grateful that we still have a team to moan about every Saturday evening.

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