Doncaster Rovers: Still speechless? Here’s the last week in quotes...

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Words hardly do justice to the events at Griffin Park.

But in the aftermath of the season’s sensational finale, here’s the last few days in quotes:

John Ryan: “We’re not little Donny Rovers anymore. We’re not a pub team having a laugh anymore. We’re the champions!”

Brian Flynn: “[The end to the game] summed up what this group of players are all about - never say die, never give up, always believe you can get something out of the game. It’s a defining moment for this club.”

Rob Jones: “I knew he would miss the penalty, I knew he would miss it!

“I thought Sully was going to save it, so I didn’t get it all right!”

James Coppinger: “To be at the club for nine years, coming up ten, and for it to finish like that, you just can’t write that sort of script.

“For me personally it’s an even better feeling than Wembley.”

Jamie McCombe: “When the referee gave the penalty I was just devastated, thinking what I could say to the lads.

“I was in tears when I ran down the pitch after Copps had scored – I’d gone.”

Neil Sullivan: “All I was thinking was save the penalty and I’ll be a hero. I didn’t need to in the end.

“I don’t think anyone in football has experienced drama like that before.”

Billy Paynter: “Most of the lads have been left speechless about what happened. I don’t think many people want to go through that again. It’ll probably sink in over the next week or so.

“I think the chairman would’ve been happy with mid-table this season but we always had the belief we could win every game.”

Stuart Highfield: “I’ve been in football for 50 years and refereed games all over the country; I’ve never seen anything like that.”

James Husband (on the pitch at Brentford): “Just look at everyone. That means so much to us. This is my first proper season - I can’t complain too much!”

Paul Keegan: “Most people in football never experience anything like that. I’m thrilled for Copps, it’s great that he got the goal.”

Mark Wilson: “This is what comes from having a camaraderie in the dressing room. Things have changed considerably from 12 months ago.

“I couldn’t watch the penalty. Next thing I know my mate Copps has scored. What a fitting end.”

David Syers: “Copps put it in and I didn’t know what to do, I was just jumping around. It was absolute pandemonium.”

Tommy Spurr: “I went from being so low to an unbelievable feeling. It’s all been so surreal.”