DONCASTER ROVERS: Rovers have the quality’

Top prospect:  Rovers' Kyle Bennett is tipped for the top by Len South.                             Picture: dean atkins
Top prospect: Rovers' Kyle Bennett is tipped for the top by Len South. Picture: dean atkins

BACK-to-back League One defeats may have got some Doncaster Rovers’ fans worried, but not Supporters’ Club chairman Len South.

“I’m happy with the start we’ve made,” he told The Star. “We’re not the finished team yet and players need time to settle in and once they do get to know each other then I think we’ll be fine.

“We got off to a flying start when winning 3-0 at Walsall in our opening game and that may have raised some people’s expectations too high.

“It would be nice to think that we could challenge for promotion but it may turn out to be a season of consolidation. Either way, manager Dean Saunders has got to be given a free rein to do what he thinks is right. I think if he is given the opportunity he’ll get Rovers playing the way that they can play - like they did against Hull City in the Capital One Cup last week.

“If we can play like that every week then we’ll probably win a lot more than we lose this season.”

Mr South thinks at times during the O’Driscoll regime that too much emphasis was placed on the opposition and welcomes the different approach adopted by his successor.

“Instead of worrying about who we are playing, and the players they have got, we should be concentrating on how good we are,” he said. “If we can get the basics right then we have enough quality in the team, with people like Kyle Bennett, to get us goals.

“I’m delighted that Kyle is still with because I thought we might lose him before the transfer window closed. I’m sure that he’ll go on to play in the Premier League.

“I was sorry to see James Coppinger go. He’s been a good servant and the fans didn’t want him to go and you could tell that by the reception he got whenever he came off the bench. But at least it gives Dean the opportunity to bring in two or three players. He talked about Fabien Robert a while ago, and I’d love to see him back.

Rovers have dismissed reports linking Martin Woods with Sheffield Wednesday and Ipswich.