Doncaster Rovers: Jones puts his own stamp on daily routine

Rob Jones
Rob Jones

Rob Jones has put his own stamp on Doncaster Rovers’ training ground and matchday routines.

The caretaker boss was reluctant to go into details about what he describes as small changes but they involve changes at Cantley Park, in the training ground canteen and to the players’ pre-match routine.

Interestingly, Jones has also stated that he has attempted to make Rovers’ training base a “more forthcoming environment”.

“It’s only really little things in our daily routine really,” said Jones on the changes he has made.

“They are things I probably didn’t agree with or I thought needed tweaking here and there.

“I’ve tried to make the environment a more forthcoming environment; one where they want to come in, be early and do things at their own pace.

“But on the flip side of that when it’s time to train, we train properly.

“It’s only little things like things around the training ground, the canteen sort of stuff, things on matchdays, all the things that add together to make a massive difference.”