Doncaster Rovers: James Husband interview

Rovers' James Husband dribbles at the Portsmouth defence. Picture: Andrew Roe
Rovers' James Husband dribbles at the Portsmouth defence. Picture: Andrew Roe

He is not one to shirk a tackle - but James Husband visibly winced at the suggestion he has become Rovers’ answer to Gareth Bale.

Like Bale, Husband has revelled in a more advanced role over recent weeks.

But the laid back 19-year-old is not about to let his recent scoring run go to his head - and he still sees left back as his best position.

“A few people have told me that I’ve been compared to Bale,” said Husband.

“It’s good to be mentioned in the same bracket but it’s embarrassing at the same time.

“He’s something else, he is.

“I can’t pinpoint my attributes towards him. He’s frightening, isn’t he?

“He’s a frightening pace. He’s unreal. I’m not slow, but I’m not as quick as him!

“I enjoy playing on the wing,” he added.

“In a sense it takes a bit of responsibility off you defensively, but I’ve still got to defend and help Tommy [Spurr] out.

“Tommy and myself get on really well so we work well together.

“I’m enjoying myself in a more advanced role but I still see myself as a left back. My attributes probably suit left back more than left wing.

“But the way we set the team up means I can play left midfield and it doesn’t hinder me.

“The goals are a bonus really.

“It’s down to confidence. I feel a lot more confident in front of goal than at the start of the season.”

Since breaking into the first team at the end of last season, youth team graduate Husband has looked at home in League One.

It was an eye-opening start for the Leeds lad.

“Last year was just surreal,” he said.

“The lads have been telling me not to think what happened last season was normal. They’ve been saying this is what it’s all about.

“The way things changed so quickly, in terms of bringing players in, was something I don’t think I’ll ever see again. Dean [Saunders] tried his best to keep us up but it wasn’t meant to be.

“We’ve come back really strong this year though and we’re ready to give it one final push.

“I’ve grown up an awful lot over the last twelve months,” he added.

“I understand more about the game and I’m more experienced. I’m enjoying playing.”