Doncaster Rovers eager for takeover green light

Louis Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson

Doncaster Rovers are understood to be eagerly awaiting the green light from Louis Tomlinson’s management, as takeover talks continue.

A deal that will see the One Direction star team up with ex-chairman John Ryan to buy out current major shareholders Terry Bramall and Dick Watson has been agreed - and now just requires signing.

The matter of Tomlinson’s image rights is still thought to be preventing the deal being signed off.

The precise nature of the stumbling block is unclear. But with Rovers likely to want to maximise the 22-year-old’s fame and marketability, drafting the small print of the proposed deal could become a painstaking exercise for his management.

Having agreed the sale, Rovers are not thought to be involved in the dialogue which has delayed a formal announcement since last Friday’s postponed press conference scheduled for Wembley.

Sources close to the deal insist talks at the Tomlinson end remain positive. And Rovers, it is understood, have stopped short of issuing the prospective buyers with a deadline to sign the heads of terms.

However, Rovers are understandably keen to get the deal over the finish line in order to crack on with their summer transfer business.

The current state of flux - and uncertainty over what budget Paul Dickov will have at his disposal - means that contract dealings remain on hold until the proposed takeover is either rubberstamped or rebuffed.

For Dickov, who has 13 players under contract for next season, it is almost like history is repeating itself after last summer’s dealings with Sequentia Capital similarly delayed his summer rebuild.

But, unlike last year, there appears to be goodwill on the club’s part to get this takeover deal completed.

Tomlinson is scheduled to perform in Stockholm on Friday when One Direction kick off the next leg of their World Tour, before hot-footing it to Denmark, France, Holland and Italy for gigs later this month. With the matter now resting with his management, his jet-setting is unlikely to impact negatively on the negotiations.