Doncaster Rovers: Darren Ferguson heading into the unknown against Carlisle

Matty Blair is fit to face Carlisle United tonight
Matty Blair is fit to face Carlisle United tonight

Darren Ferguson admits he does not know which Carlisle United side will show up to face Doncaster Rovers tonight.

Ferguson prides himself on in-depth preparation for the tests each opponent will deliver.

But with Carlisle boss Keith Curle deploying numerous formations across their 12 games so far this term, Ferguson says preparing for tonight’s game has been difficult.

“They’ve played about five or six formations in the last five games,” Ferguson said.

“They’ve got real rotation in their formations.

“It can be tough to prepare. If you were to go through each formation you’d confuse the players and probably confuse yourself.

“We focused on certain things and showed the players in a way to simplify it. And the players were very good with that.

“There’s certain systems they’ve used that you come up against on a regular basis but one or two that we won’t have faced too many times.

“They are the ones we focused on.

“It can make it more difficult if you let it.”

Ferguson is looking for improvement from Saturday’s defeat at Luton Town after being disappointed with several aspects of the performance.

And he says Rovers must concentrate on themselves rather than worrying about unbeaten Carlisle.

“In every game you play, particularly at home, it’s about what we do,” he said.

“How aggressive we can be and how good we can be on the ball.

“Carlisle are a really good footballing team and it will be a tough, tough game.

“There’s certain things we spoke about that we have to do well. If we do them well we’ve give them a hard game.”

Matty Blair suffered a knock against Luton but has recovered in time to be in contention to start against Carlisle.