Doncaster Rovers: Brian Flynn: Being top puts Rovers in the line of fire

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BRIAN Flynn insists his players must get used to being shot at as one of the leading League One promotion contenders.

Flynn felt Saturday’s 2-0 defeat at Bury provided the perfect example of Rovers becoming a ‘big scalp.’

And he has instructed his squad to be prepared for opposition teams upping their game when they come up against Rovers.

“It’s a lovely added pressure that teams want to beat you,” he said.

“You could see it clearly against Bury.

“They were desperate to stop us from playing and they really wanted to beat us.

“We’re a scalp and that is something that you have to deal with when you’re in the top two.

“I went to Bramall Lane a few weeks ago and saw Hartlepool beat Sheffield United 3-1 and deservedly so.

“Hartlepool had not won for 12 games and Sheffield United were top of the league.

“It just shows you that the teams down at the bottom are capable of beating the teams at the top.

“But I would also say it should also be a huge confidence booster being in that position.

He added: “There’s a great deal of confidence in the squad because most of them have the experience, they’re winners and they can deal with things.

“That’s why I’m sure they will bounce back from this defeat.”

Flynn admits he is enjoying life at the top end of the table after the struggle of his previous club jobs.

He said: “It’s better than the start of my last two jobs.

“One of the things is I know for a fact this squad will have regrouped when they come together on Monday morning.

“The transition has been made comfortable for me because of the quality we’ve got.

“I’ve tinkered with one or two things but not too much and I’ve just added a couple of things.

“These are well drilled, well organised players.

“They know their jobs and for that reason it has been easy for me up on the training ground to just add my little bit of input from what I’ve learned over the last 20-odd years.”