COMMENT: Is Pascal the new face of Rovers?

Pascal Chimbonda
Pascal Chimbonda

LIAM Hoden looks at Doncaster Rovers’ new approach.

If being surprisingly turfed out of his job early one morning was not enough to anger Sean O’Driscoll, now he has to look on as the club flashes cash he was told they didn’t have.

In his wildest dreams O’Driscoll would never have imagined seeing Pascal Chimbonda in the red and white hoops, nor Rovers being genuinely linked with the likes of El Hadji Diouf.

Rovers have been the little club that could over the past few years, its team greater than the sum of its parts and largely overachieving by staying in the Championship for the past three seasons.

While most of the squad have proved effective and reliable, they are a decidedly small time group.

Which makes the sudden appearance of the likes of Chimbonda all the more startling.

Chimbonda is certainly not small time, given where he has previously plied his trade or the way he carries himself.

You could hardly miss the former France international defender as he turned up at the Keepmoat prior to the clash with Hull City for initial talks, sporting a sideways baseball cap and sunglasses.

You have to wonder what affect the introduction of the likes of Chimbonda will have on the Rovers dressing room.

If Rovers continue their excellent form since Dean Saunders’ arrival, few supporters will care as their side climbs towards the top half of the table, spurred on by these big names.

But if the wheels fall off it could prove a major backward step for the club and one not easily rectified.

If Rovers are relegated this season having paid out significant sums of money to get the big names in, there could be a profound affect on the future stability of the club.

They have lived within their means for a long time and perhaps they still are – using funds previously left untouched to chase the dream.

But it is hard not to be slightly pessimistic about this future.