Cash boost for local school Willow Primary

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THE Doncaster Sunday Alliance League have donated £100 to Willow Primary School following a successful referees course at the Doncaster school.

“The school’s head, Yvonne Buckley, went out of her way to be helpful and not only did she not charge us for letting us use the premises and facilities, but she was on hand throughout the two full days,” said vice-chairman Ernie Prince.

“The course, which was organised in association with the Sheffield and Hallamshire FA, who provided the tutors and the assessors, proved a fantastic success and a number of people qualified and that will ensure that more Alliance League games will have a qualified referee in charge next season.”

Such courses are traditionally held over a 10 week period.

“I felt that a10-week course was too long and that it was difficult for people to commit over such a period of time in this day and age and I approached Sheffield and Hallamshire FA about running it on successive Saturdays with just one evening sessions,” said Ernie, a qualified referee himself. “It worked very well and we’ll be running all future courses on a similar basis.”

It cost would-be referees £100 to take the course, which has become increasingly more practical in recent years, but the Alliance League gives newly-qualified referees £40 back after they have officiated in ten games.

Ernie, who regularly offers his services to local schools, says the Alliance League are always on the look-out for more officials.

“We have 84 teams so we need a big pool of match officials,” he said. “Some people are put off by the reputation of Sunday morning football, but we don’t tolerate any bad teams - we kick them out.”