Bucky’s Blog: What a year! Here’s my 2013 selection box

Rob Jones lifts the League One trophy.
Rob Jones lifts the League One trophy.


There can be only one - Brentford away. A day that will live long in the memory for any Rovers fan lucky enough to be at Griffin Park.

Sadly I wasn’t one of those. But I remember watching the scores come in on the television and my heart just sank when Brentford got the penalty. I just thought ‘I don’t believe this’.

Then, within a matter of seconds, they’d missed and James Coppinger had scored.

It was absolutely amazing and the switch of emotions must have been frightening for the players involved.


I can’t single out one individual. For me, Rob Jones, Chris Brown and Richie Wellens all deserve a mention here.

The impact Jones has had at the club has been unbelievable and he played a massive role in getting this club straight back into the Championship.

He’s a born leader, he doesn’t complicate things and before his injury he also proved a few people wrong by showing he could handle the step up to the second tier.

Brown’s work ethic over the last 12 months has been sensational. He might not be a natural goalscorer but he must be a nightmare to play against.

And although Richie only joined in the summer, he’s played a big part in helping Rovers adapt to this level. The guy just oozes quality.


It has been a year of ups and downs at Doncaster, and plenty of talking points off the field.

And the stand-out moment has to be John Ryan’s resignation. I was at Oakwell last month and his final press conference was very saddening to watch.

The reason John was so good for the club was because, first and foremost, he was a supporter. He just wanted what’s best for the club.

So it was really sad to see him so upset and angry about what’s gone on behind the scenes. You could tell he was very hurt.

It’s been strange since he resigned actually. He’s been very quiet. I think that shows that in football, whether you’re a player, manager or a chairman, you’re just a commodity. Things move on very quickly. That’s life.


Rovers have four games over the festive period and I just hope they can go on a little run and move clear of danger.

Anything between seven and nine points from these games would be a fantastic return.

I’m still confident we’ll survive. I don’t feel a sense of pressure.