Barnsley: Johnson to be open on Reds transfer philosophy

Barnsley target Alfie Mawson
Barnsley target Alfie Mawson

Barnsley boss Lee Johnson has declared the club will be smart and transparent with their transfer dealings.

The manager’s drive and commitment to remodelling the side is at the forefront of a shift in philosophy at Oakwell, as the Reds seek the best balance in order to mount a serious promotion push in the upcoming campaign.

With such a small squad at present, the onus is on Johnson and his team to bring in the right personnel to bolster their ranks.

That is a challenge that he has been keen to take on since the day he arrived at the club.

“People have got to understand what the model of the club is,” said Johnson. “The model of the club is to bring in bright, young, hungry, mobile footballers within the structure of our formations, and the individual attributes we require to play those formations.

“That’s the philosophy of the club, that’s what I’ve bought into. That’s what we spoke about in the interview, and that’s what’s required now. You can’t just go throwing about crazy money so you’ve got to be smart and work well.”

The emergence of a number of talented youngsters was one of the main positives to be drawn from the last campaign.

Johnson is keen to stress that he will only bring in players who display a hunger and determination for personal and team success.

He said: “You can’t just go throwing about crazy money so you’ve got to be smart and work well. In the past when the club has worked smart they’ve proved to be the best signings, and sometimes the big names or the showcase or marquee type names haven’t.

“I’m not saying we won’t go and sign a showcase marquee name, but as a general rule it’s better for me to be transparent so everybody knows that’s what we’re going for.

“So when they come and watch us they can expect to see a bright young, hungry mobile, talented group of players that are willing to improve their own fortunes as well as the club’s, and I think that’s so important.”

Two players that fit into that category are Bolton striker Conor Wilkinson and out-of-contract Brentford defender Alfie Mawson.

Reports suggest that talks with Wilkinson have stalled over the 20-year-old’s wage demands, whilst the club are thought to still be negotiating a fee for Mawson.

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