Alan Biggs at Large on Danny Wilson’s dismissal: You’d have thought Barnsley would know by now that sacking bosses isn’t the answer

Danny Wilson
Danny Wilson

Barnsley reckoned they had it all worked out in sacking Danny Wilson – fifth highest divisional wage bill, sixth best gates, fourth highest input by a benefactor.

But Patrick Clyne’s club neglected the most important sum: no pain = no gain. After 13 “permanent” managers in 17 years (since the ex Owls and Blades boss ended his first historic Oakwell reign), Barnsley should have learnt it off by heart. It rather suggests that a year or so is insufficient to put a toppling team and club back on its feet. And remember some of those bosses actually kept Barnsley in the Championship, a far bigger feat than was recognised.

Considering Wilson’s pedigree, as the only boss to have lifted the Reds into the top flight, and the reality that this was a transition season, I can only imagine a fraying of key relationships behind the scenes (with those who have attempted to explain the sacking) may have been at work.

And another sum doesn’t add up. An axed boss is expected to stay silent in order to be fully compensated - while the club launches a stat attack against him. Is that fair?