Dons face downscaling if promotion bid is failure

DONCASTER co-owner Carl Hall insists failure to win promotion next season will likely force the club to scale back their aspirations.

The Dons reached the semi final eliminator of the Championship One play offs to cap a positive season.

But they must go further in 2012 and be among the four sides promoted into a new look Championship according to Hall.

He said: “We’d have to seriously look at the situation at the club if we don’t go up next year.

“If we stay down we’d definitely have to look at whether we can afford to stay and play in a stadium like the Keepmoat.

“At the start of this year we set our stall out to make the top four and we’ve achieved that.

“We’ve had a really good season and we can say we’ve been the most successful professional team in our town.

“But if I’m brutally honest it’s been tight.

“Even though we did enough to be one game away from the play off final, we’re just not getting the fans in.”

“We need the support of the public if we want to kick on to the next level and be successful.

“If we got 1000 through the gates we could give them a team that could really challenge in the next division.”

Hall admits he is pleased about the performance over the season which met the initial targets set.

The Dons finished level in fourth place in Championship One, embarking on five and six match winning runs along the way.

Hall said: “For what we pay we’ve done well and I was happy we met our target of a top four finish.

“They’re a young bunch, they’re not experienced but they’ll be better for it and learn from it.

“We probably needed a bit of experience in key positions.

“But to get that experience in they want money that we’re not prepared to pay.

“We’ll not put the club at risk for anyone.”