Doncaster RLFC: Miller set to hand over reins as Dons prepare to unveil new coach

Tony Miller
Tony Miller

Tony Miller will hand over the coaching reins today.

Miller’s involvement has allowed the Dons to take their time in finding a replacement for Paul Cooke.

The club will unveil their new head coach at a press conference at 5pm today.

“The players have given me everything in terms of commitment and effort and I’ve enjoyed being back for the last two weeks,” said Miller.

“It’s just a shame I couldn’t have led them to their first win at Dewsbury on Sunday. It would have been nice to have done that.”

Matt Carbutt said Miller had been the ideal stop-gap following Cooke’s departure.

“I think Tony was the right man to bring in after Paul Cooke left,” he said.

“We didn’t need someone to come in and tell us to do this and to do that. We needed someone to come in and almost put an arm around us as a group and tell us ‘you can do it’ which is something that Tony is really good at.”

He added: “A lot of the squad played under Tony for several years and knew how he worked and he helped us produce two good performances.

“I don’t think there needs to be wholesale changes. The spirit and desire is there and whoever comes in just needs to smarten us up a little bit.

“We don’t seem to know how to win games and we are getting a bit giddy when we get near the line because we feel that we’ve got a chance of picking up a win if we score.”