Doncaster RLFC: Cooke serves up a night off for ‘deserving’ players

Paul Cooke
Paul Cooke

Paul Cooke says his players deserved their night off after the improvement they have shown in recent weeks.

Head coach Cooke granted his squad a night out on Sunday following their 40-10 win over Rochdale on Sunday, also cancelling Tuesday’s usual training session.

Cooke believes the relaxation will do his players the world of good with a busy run to the end of the season ahead.

“It was well deserved time off the lads,” Cooke said.

“We’ve not got a weekend off until the Challenge Cup final at the end of August.

“The boys arranged a little bit of a soiree in Doncaster and I encouraged it.

“After all they’ve took on board in recent weeks, it’s really well deserved.

“There’s been a real intensity since the Whitehaven game, in training and in the games.

“We’ve stepped it up in training, there’s more numbers with players coming back from injury.

“You could see the difference it’s brought with the way we’ve played against Rochdale.

“We started the game well which had been a bit of an issue for us.

“We put a lot of emphasis on how we started the game, how we got into the Rochdale defensive line, making sure we got to the end of sets and making it difficult for them to come out of their own end.

“The starting pack really laid a platform for us and made it easier to win the battle

“We put in a real dominant first 40 minutes where they only scored off a kick.

“It was really pleasing to put into practice what we’d been doing all week.”