Why has Donny council allowed this to happen?


Thanks to Colin Southgate, we all know a bit more about the old nurses building on Cemetery Road, which has been demolished, and I agree with his comments about good sturdy buildings being knocked down, when they could have been refurbished and used again.

His letter made me think, why has the council allowed this to happen? Surely local councillors would have blocked the building being demolished?

As Mr Southgate says, the land should be used for the betterment of local people and the hospital.

I would also like to ask readers if they remember the “Policing Pledge” advertised on the television and in the papers late 2009.

I held a copy of this up at the big meeting this paper organised at Mexborough School and asked if anyone knew what it was and what it meant.

Not one person knew what it was, which was strange because the Chief Constable said every home in South Yorkshire would get one; it seems nobody has.

Since that time, Mr Hughes has been on Radio Sheffield crowing that crime was down and would remain so, making me think he’s in the wrong job – he should be a fortune teller.

Anyone who reads the papers knows that crime is getting worse.

I can’t wait for Mr Hughes to come on Radio Sheffield again, so I can ask him a few questions.

We have a saying around here which is: Ring 999 and ask for an ambulance, you get an ambulance; ring 999 and ask for the Fire Brigade, you get the Fire Brigade; ring 999 and ask for the police, you get an excuse!

It’s been said on television by better people than me all the police are good for is tax collecting for Mr Osborne, ie catching people doing 36 in a 30mph zone!

Drive safely!

Les Atkins,