Vodafone need to listen to what their customers want


I felt I must question Vodaphone’s spokesperson, who insists that due to popular demand (strange how it is always customer led) that they need to put up phone masts every half a mile because they need to be near customers and there is great demand due to everyone in the area having the new smart phones.

I, personally, do not know of that many in the half mile area round St Andrew’s Square.

Could Vodaphone please tell me why there aren’t any in Thurnscoe, Goldthorpe, and Highgate as far as I can see (I apologise if I am wrong) and if every half mile is what it takes then we should be swamped with masts, in fact they should be coming out of our ears (as it where). Why don’t both Vodaphone and our esteemed Council both admit that they (Vodaphone) took advantage and Barnsley Council got it totally wrong and, as a consequence, we - the people of Bolton-on-Dearne and especially the nursing home - will suffer, along with the people who use the square and live round it. Only a huge company like Vodaphone could sneak in at midnight and have the bare faced cheek to say we have only done what we are allowed to do by law. They knew full well that we did not want this mast and still don’t, but I dare say we the CUSTOMER don’t count.

Miss S E Sharpe,