Thanks for all the comforts you have provided


I would like to express, through your newspaper, the sincere thanks of patients and staff at Montagu Hospital to the many people who have given their support during the past year and helped to make Christmas a happy occasion.

Throughout the year we have again received considerable support from all the voluntary services. A large number of volunteers have given their time freely and generously and we would like to express our gratitude to them all.

We would especially like to thank the Montagu Hospital Comforts Fund committee and the volunteers who run the tea shop. The money they raise is used for various projects throughout the year and at Christmas time for personal gifts for every patient.

A comprehensive list of what the Comforts Fund have provided for the hospital follows:

Settees (Adwick Ward) £700

Table, Chairs, Books, Bookcase (OPD) £649

Various (Aurora) £2,972

Chairs (Barnburgh Ward) £1,443

Chairs (Rehabilitation Centre) £4,035

Cushions (Rehabilitation Centre) £468

Ceiling Window Blinds (OPD) £3,777

Air Conditioning Units (Laboratory) £2,800

Total Comforts and Amenities £16,844

We are grateful to the Dearne Valley Community for supporting the Montagu Hospital.

Mrs J Edees,

Assistant Hospital Manager

Montagu Hospital