Thanks for a precious picture of Jim


On May 26, the South Yorkshire Times published a photograph in the Memory Lane section.

I’m happy to state that I instantly recognised my Grandad, Mr James Mullins, the figure on the far right of the picture (and the tallest by some margin).

He was born in 1909 (he died in 1995) so we estimate this picture was taken around 1926-7.

According to my mum, it is actually a photo of ‘Mexborough County Cycling Club’.

Coincidentally, around 10 years ago, thanks to the South Yorkshire Times, I was reunited with one of my Granddad’s solid silver cycling medals, which had been lost on the banks of the River Don after he decided to go for a quick dip in 1932!

It had been missing for 70 years before a little girl found it while walking her dog.

The Times subsequently ran an article asking if anyone knew anything about its origins and a few days later arranged a meeting between us.

We now have three of his medals, all first place, and he was clearly a formidable cyclist.

According to family legend, he held the York-Doncaster cycling record for a number of decades.

Finally, can I say many thanks for publishing the photo in the first place.

We have very few pictures of Jim when he was a young man in his prime.

Jim was a lovely man and any memories we can grab are treasured.

Mr Terry Sutton,

(Via email)