Taxing times lay ahead!


In reply to Barry Jackson’s excellent letter (Times, May 19)

I wish to submit my memories of Margaret Thatcher.

Now we have had the Poll Tax imposed on us, I feel that even more taxes are about to be introduced, starting with the youngest members of our nation.

This will affect buyers of sweets, who will be charged a “Lolly Tax”. Christmas decorations will incur a “Holly Tax”. Supermarket shoppers will be charged a “Trolley Tax”.

Football fans will be charged a “Goal Tax” to pay for the overpaid players. Users of the Channel Tunnel will be charged a “Hole Tax”. Breeders of horses will be charged a “Foal Tax”. And, last but not least, Thatcher’s favourite people, the unemployed, will have to pay the “Dole Tax” to finance tax cuts for the rich.

Finally, do not be surprised if a tax on sex was imposed. Of course I cannot name this tax so, readers, I will leave it to your imagination to decide what you think that tax would be called!

And now we have Cameron and Clegg.

B Lambert,