SECs ain’t broke, so don’t go fixing them


AS PARENTS of a son who attends a Social Education Centre (SEC), we are very concerned regarding SEC closures.

Our son is looked after by the most fantastic staff at the centre for seven hours a day, giving us the respite we so badly need, in order to carry on taking care of him ourselves at home.

If this vital support is taken away from us we would find it impossible to cope, therefore, putting even more strain on Social Services – which, as I am sure everyone would agree, wouldn’t make economical sense, as the financial cost of care would be far greater in the present system.

We would, therefore, urge Doncaster Council to seriously think again about these proposals and give their support to the many people like us in this difficult and tragic situation. As the saying goes “if it isn’t broke, then don’t try to mend it”.

In conclusion, we would suggest that the councillors involved in these closures pay a visit to a SEC to see for themselves the mental and physical disabilities that the service users and their predominantly elderly carers have to live with 24/7 and hope that their consciences cause them to think again.

Mr and Mrs G Swann,