Problem won’t be solved until council offers part of the Croft

I SHOULD like the opportunity to respond to Carol Mellers and Steve Read.

Firstly, to Carol Mellers I have a question. If you are happy that the Council are prepared to sign away more than an acre of land for next to nothing what were your views when, in 2008 80% who responded to a Town Council survey said they wanted the KHC car park extended?

Had the council acted on the result of its own survey would you have offered your support?

Also, it would appear that your assumption regarding a ‘reasonable percentage of the 3000+ residents’ being happy with the decision is incorrect.

As far as the granting of planning permission for housing without off street parking is concerned, yes people did object and the town council objected strongly but those objections were ignored.

NLC did acknowledge that the survey carried out in late 2007 incorrectly included pub car parks etc. Everyone is aware of those two issues but they are in the past.

Mr Read, and several others before him suggests people walk to the shops. Does this include those travelling from Owston Ferry, Haxey, Wroot etc to use facilities they do not have in their own villages?

Or Epworth residents living on the Turbury, Newlands, Scawcett Lane etc?

How many visitors would Epworth attract if they had to park on the outskirts and walk in to the town centre? Local buses have been tried and failed. The services were heavily subsidised and no one used them, which is why they have been scrapped. A multi-storey car park in Epworth? I think not.

Until the town council face facts and offer part of the Kings Head Croft to NLC for extra parking this problem will not be solved.

Richard Hall

Battle Green