Our waste scheme sounds just like a recipe for disaster


Whilst visiting my parents on the south coast recently, I called into a local restaurant to pick up a take away order.

There was a chap already sitting there and we got talking.

He then told me proudly he had introduced an efficient waste transfer and recycling facility and was responsible for saving his council some £700,000 per year.

When I mentioned that I’d heard about similar schemes and wasn’t there a problem around emissions, he told me crematoriums were far worse offenders than these plant emissions. He went on to say that the traffic problems had a far greater impact than the emissions.

When I explained what was being planned at the bottom of my road (Manvers), he couldn’t escape quick enough and disappeared.

It sounds as if it’s more about cost saving and less about meeting European targets!

I thought I’d write to you as I’m concerned about the local Waste Management situation - and I’m hoping that its not a lost cause. It’s the first time I’ve had an opportunity to look at the Doncaster LDF site recently, where there is a collation of responses to the proposals.

I’m really not sure whether I am looking at the right document. There seem to be a few thousand responses and whilst I have skimmed through some of the stuff (forgive me for not reading the document right to the end), the only concerns seem to be from the Environmental Agency, to ensure that flooding of some areas will not be excerbated.

I can’t see anything directly relating to the ‘green area’ that is going to be ‘taken’ on the Manvers site. Secondly, the Highways Area response only seems concerned with the main routes such as the M18, A1 and M180 - not the smaller roads.

English Heritage states that Doncaster has the greatest number of conservation areas at risk - I suppose what I’m trying to say is that the agencies appear to be more concerned with Doncaster sites and there doesn’t appear to be much raised for the Manvers site. The only group to have relevant points for Manvers appears to be the Campaign to Protect Rural England who are the only `agency’ making a case that would apply to our area - though I’ve only got to page 77 of 668.

Some of the local parish councils seem to be in favour of the proposals, as they feel they may get a bypass and a locally improved road infrastructure ... however, these are at least a couple of miles away and I’m not sure that they realise how big the traffic increase will be as a result.

The transport infrastructure for the area is my main concern. We have a proposed new school at the bottom of Golden Smithies Lane, the house developments along the Waterfront are now increasing and with new housing projects getting the go ahead in the same area, it all sounds a recipe for total disaster.

If I am looking at the wrong report, I would like to know where I should be looking instead.

I fear that too many people are unaware of the massive implications for the area should an incinerator or any waste unit be sited at Manvers.

Louise Dawes,

Local resident