Mexborough needs a strong SYT


The pit strike of the 1980s – brought on by the Tory Government of the time over pit closures – was a devastating time for South Yorkshire, and Mexborough was hit very hard at that time.

Today Mexborough is yet again going through a very hard time and it looks like the South Yorkshire Times will be hit by a strike to save jobs within the Times office on the High Street.

How sad it is to see the decline of the size of the premises of the newspaper in the town... from its printing works near the railway station, to the building now occupied by the Mexborough Community Partnership and finally to just the High Street.

The South Yorkshire Times has been the voice of the people over many long years – and still is.

This is not the right time to cut back on staff, when there are so many important issues that need debating among the people of Mexborough.

We have the impending 500 per cent rent increases of stalls in the market hall to contend with – which will not only affect the market traders themselves but also the whole of the market and the shops in the High Street.

A weaker market will mean fewer people shopping in the town, and a further decline in shops to add to the already empty shops everyone can see.

Doncaster Council recently withdrew £240,000 allocated to improve the High Street; £40,000 was withdrawn to improve the outside market.

Add to these the problems at Mexborough School, which is about to lose 20 per cent of its staff.

Sue Phillips, a local councillor, is now trying to get a town council for Mexborough.

And yes! The town of Mexborough needs a strong South Yorkshire Times, so that people can be fully informed about what is going on in the town, and what is coming from Doncaster Council – who should be supporting our very special town.

May I extend my thanks and best wishes to all the staff in the Times office and good luck in your fight for jobs... and may the Times keep going for ever.

Gordon Smith,

Mexborough Market Traders