LETTER: Parts of Doncaster ‘in worse state than Libya’

Is there too much litter on our streets?
Is there too much litter on our streets?

A reader questions what our council tax is being spent on, claiming litter -strewn streets have left parts of the town in a ‘worse state than Libya’...

DMBC will be raising the council tax next April by approximately two per cent, the same increase as last year, but can someone please explain to the council tax-payers just where this money goes and what it is spent on?

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I ask the question because the basic services that this money goes towards paying for is in a state of collapse, the contractors which have the contract for both refuse and recycling leave more rubbish on the sidewalk that they take, and the contractor, Sita keep getting there contract extended and have been since the ’90s, even the litter bins supposedly emptied by the council are becoming a lottery if they are emptied anymore, and street cleansing is a thing of the past.

Litter pickers seem to be the in thing, never ever seen bristles on a litter picker, and shovels must have been donated to the museum.

It should come as no surprise to people that most of the borough drains are blocked.

Areas of Doncaster are now in a worse state than Libya and no one at the council seems to give a toss, whatever happened to the manifesto pledges that both the mayor and the councillors made pre-election, is it any wonder that the town is struggling to get people to take the empty shops.

S Exelby, Carr View Avenue, Balby