LETTER: How many more migrants do they think we can take?

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I have been listening to all the do-gooders calling for us to take more migrants.

Before Yvette Cooper and the rest of them start spouting they should take into account how many are already getting into Britain, 300,000 last year and that is only what they know of, and God knows how many have come in undetected, just how many do these people think we can take?

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The NHS is at breaking point, the amount of people out of work has started rising.

Nicola Sturgeon is bumping her gums about us not doing enough (she is making the perfect case for stopping the Scottish from having a say in English legislature).

I don’t hear her saying Scotland will take them but she is all for letting them come to England, genuine asylum seekers is fine but most of them piling into Europe are not in danger in their own countries, they are just jumping on the band wagon of getting into Europe without being refused, and why with most of them being young fighting age men are they not fighting for their countries, “beware” the next invasion of Europe may come from within.

Dave Croucher

Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster

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