LETTER: Cuts to bus services are not an improvement

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Planned ‘improvements’ to Doncaster’s bus routes will actually mean reduced services and longer journeys for many residents, according to one reader. What do you think of the changes?

Congratulations in seeing through the spin coming from the Doncaster Bus Partnership that proposed cuts to bus services in the Dearne next year are actually “improvements”.

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While the proposals do offer some improvements, particularly to people in the Windhill area, the vast majority of people in Conisbrough, Denaby Main and Mexborough will see reduced bus services and in many cases increased journey times. The following points in particular should be noted:

1. The main part of the Denaby Main estate will no longer have any fast link into Mexborough as the 222 is to be withdrawn between Doncaster and Mexborough and the 220 diverted around Windhill estate.This will add around 7 minutes to journey times to Mexborough and Manvers.

2. The Doncaster Road area of Mexborough will be left with a very minimal bus service. Just 1 bus per hour on service x20 and 1 every 2 hours on service 13.

There may well be sound reasons why some of these changes are being made, as buses in recent times do seem to be less well used than they used to be.

Describing the overall package as “improvements” however is an insult to the intelligence. I fail to see how the proposed changes will encourage more people to use local bus services. It will just be the start of a further decline. You have been warned.

Peter Sellars

by email

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