It’s time to stand up for Christianity


I AM not racist in anyway and many of my friends and colleagues have different faiths and cultures to myself.

But I feel that it is about time our politicians stood up for those who value life, and care about life.

Whoever chooses to take someone else’s life and then cries that their human rights are being affected should turn to God for the true meaning of life, asking themselves who the giver and taker of life is – and not use the Koran, their religion, as a means to support terrorism and extremist views.

Our soldiers in the Kuwait war, whilst in Saudi Arabia, were not allowed to celebrate Christmas Day. What is happening in this country – are we going the same way?

Why are we having to change our ways to accommodate other religions in case we offend?

What about offence to the Christians? We should be holding out for what this country has stood for throughout history and should stand for today.

The laws of this country have been based upon Christian values and morals, all of which have kept us safe and protected us for many, many years. This is slowly eroding.

Whether one is a follower of Jesus Christ or not, we have a lot to thank the Church for – Christianity began the education system, the health care system and protection for the homeless. The erosion of these values will be tragic if we brush aside the standards and morals of this country’s past. Come on folk – be counted.

I don’t hold with war against Islam or any other religion; religion is the choice of the person,

I do, however, object that my religion, Christianity, does not appear to have the same backing/support as the influx of Islam.

I should be allowed to worship openly at Christmas – or at any other time I wish – without wondering if I am offending another religion.

Let’s stop being a politically correct society; let’s care about others and respect life.

Ask yourselves where this country will stand in a few years, if it becomes a Muslim country.

What will it be like for our daughters, our granddaughters?

I choose to be in a Christian country, with Christian values and morals, not in an Islamic state. I want to keep this choice and not be told what – or how – to worship.

I ask for protection from extremists of any religion or country and ask our politicians and Church to stand up and be counted, ensure the laws protect the innocent and not the guilty.

Carol Sellars,


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