Is policy 13 unlucky for local people?


Did you know that Doncaster is in the process of making a planning law that means ONLY gypsies travellers and showmen will be able to develop land/site caravans in countryside policy area?

Not the disabled; not the economically deprived; not people who want to live in the same area that they were brought up in.

This is unfair and totally against the principle of one rule for all.

The countryside is protected from development for the benefit and enjoyment of everyone. It defeats the object if certain people have a separate set of planning laws. This new law is policy 13 of the core strategy.

As Doncaster has one of the highest populations of gypsies and travellers in the country, it always has a high un-met need, and this means that we have to continually provide more sites.

No account is taken of the fact that we already provide 78 sites in Doncaster – 63 gypsy and traveller sites and 11 showmen sites.

Harrogate has only two sites... but Doncaster will, in the future, have to provide many more sites than Harrogate, and many others with many less sites than ourselves.

We understand a significant number of the gypsies and travellers getting accommodation in Doncaster do not come from Doncaster.

A 2007 report stated that there is a perception that households are more likely to get accommodation in Doncaster and that there are some households who would prefer to live on a site in one of the other South Yorkshire Local Authorities – but feel that they are more likely to access provision in Doncaster.

We respect all gypsies and travellers and showmen, and realise it is important that they have access to good quality medical and educational facilities.

But we think that if gypsy and traveller and showmen sites were more evenly distributed throughout the country, that this would ensure higher quality sites with higher quality facilities as each local authority would be administering a small number of sites.

If you wish to know more about policy 13 or to object to policy 13 please go to or go can go to the LDF Core Strategy Development Plan document (DPD) on the Doncaster C ouncil website.

We have until May 3 to object to this policy after this it will be law until 2026.

The policy 13 committee,

Via email