Indoor traders will not get support of outside market


I am writing in reference to your story about rent increases on Mexborough Indoor Market.

Well, I was a trader on the outdoor market for more than 20 years, and I can tell you we did not get enough support from the indoor market traders.

Their rents have not been increased for 15 years, and a 500 per cent increase on little over £15 a week is not as harsh a jump as they are making out.

And this will not come into effect for another three years – if they are paying £60 a week rents in the meantime then I hardly think that is unreasonable.

When I was on the outdoor market, they used to mock us about how little their rents are, and how much more we had to pay.

They are paying £15 for six days worth of trading a week. When I was there, I was paying over £100 for four outdoor market stalls.

And when Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday, they opened the indoor market up for free, but outdoor market traders had to pay.

When our rents were going up, they did not seem to be bothered.

In fact they used to mock us about how well lit and heated it was in the indoor market.

When we needed repairs to our outdoor market roof, they paid for new lighting on the indoor market.

They have recently instigated free rents for a first time visit to the outdoor market.

But we tried to get that going before, but the indoor traders weren’t interested.

Therefore, I don’t believe they will get the full support of the outdoor traders on this latest issue.

Former outdoor market trader,

(name supplied)