I’m for Tazers - if they are used properly


LEE Peace’s article on the Taser guns that South Yorkshire Police are allegedly going to patrol our streets with on a regular basis is somewhat strange for this paper to be against? I am confused (yes, I know it doesn’t take much), but the other year this paper kept running stories about lack of police in Mexborough, and the public were complaining about yobs taking over their streets, underage drinking and, sadly, some tragic deaths in the town.

The police were berated up and down the area. I know, because as readers will know, I have been writing to this paper for years about the lack of police and the poor service we get from this Chief Constable, but I will tell anybody who will listen if, or when, I was in uniform and a bunch of drunken yobs came at me with broken bottles I would be glad I had a Taser.

Lee also mentions the United Nations and Amnesty. Firstly the UN are a bunch of toothless people who, before they do anything, have to have a meeting.

Question: Did the UN stop Blair and Bush going to an illegal war in Iraq? These “experts don’t come up with better ideas do they? What with these Conservatives letting killers out of jail early and not sending criminals to jail, what deterrent to crime is there? So, you ask what we think of Tasers, I, for one, are for them, as long as they are used properly and by trained people, not PCSOs.

Les Atkins

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