How can these vets charge such fees?


I wonder if any of your readers could explain something to me please?

I was told by them that if a vet was to come out to my home to treat Bonnie we would be charged £400-500 for the visit.

We would also be charged for any treatment needed, and if Bonnie needed to go into the vet’s for any reason we would then have to rely on a lift from someone, or a taxi to take her to the surgery as they aren’t insured to transport her.

If we took Bonnie straight to their surgery we would still be charged £117 before any treatment.

My question is, as a nation of “animal lovers” how can vets, who are the animal equivalent of our doctors and nurses, then demand such extortionate fees and expect working folk to be able to pay that, especially in today’s economic climate!

I appreciate that it was Christmas Day, but such charges are disgusting to say the least.

Luckily, I didn’t need to take Bonnie, as she now seems to be improving.

Sheree Douglas,


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