Hospital praise – and a question


In the last couple of weeks I have read in the national press some disturbing articles about hospitals.

A couple of weeks ago I spent eight days in Mexborough Montagu Hospital, on Adwick Ward, and I have nothing but praise for everybody who works on that ward... from the cleaner to the doctors.

Superb treatment, high quality food and excellent banter with the nurses – brilliant!

It’s strange for me because in 1944 I was born there. I’ve only had two operations in my life and had them at the Montagu.

On the other side of the coin I took another hospital to court, in 1999, for failing to find the cancer that killed my wife.

Ironically, my daughter is a nurse (senior staff) at Sheffield Children’s Hospital ,looking after kids with that dreaded disease, so I think I can write this with some knowledge.

The other point I would like to mention is this – the Adwick Ward overlooks Cemetery Road and there was a building opposite being demolished. It was a few years ago the nurses’ quarters.

Question is: how did this get sold, and who by, as I thought it was part of the Montagu, and surely Lord Montagu would have put something down in writing about the selling off hospital property? Hope somebody can answer this?

Les Atkins