Have our courts gone mad?


AFTER reading the Court In The Act section in the Times recently, I wonder if the magistrates of our area live on another planet?

A man from Barnburgh fined £369 for dropping a cigarette on the floor; a woman from Parkgate fined £150 for dropping a tab end in Rotherham, and a Swinton man fined £150 for dropping an ice cream wrapper in Swinton... a bit antisocial, maybe, but not exactly dangerous.

Boot on the other foot: two Mexborough youths – one fined £225 for assaulting a police officer, the other fined £85 and a wrap on the knuckles, 12 month conditional discharge for resisting police officers in the execution of their duties, a Mexborough young girl fined £150 and 12 month conditional discharge for assaulting a woman... which crimes are the more serious?

It seems apparent to me that if you drop litter on the street, it’s a lot more serious than assaulting members of the public and police officers in the eyes of our magistrates.


(Via email)