Earth Centre replacement needs a name


Good luck to the new Kingswood venture. I hope it will get a better reception than the original project.

The start of the Earth Centre was too close to the demise of the colliery.

One argument of the day was that it was built on a former industrial site that produced a tangible product.

The Earth Centre was designed to produce only leisure items which, at the time, was something not understood by many.

The Industrial Age for the UK is over and all that the country has to offer is history, scenery and nostalgia.

As the new venture cannot be called Earth Centre, perhaps a local competition might be held to suggest a name for it – and the winning name is The Dearne Enterprise Zone.

It will have to have the word “Dearne” in it, otherwise outsiders will be confused by having a Dearne Leisure Centre on the banks of the River Don only about a mile away.

Very confusing for outsiders. Unless, of course, Doncaster MBC wants a slice of the action.

There are some further points – one being access. There is only one vehicle access point, at Kilner’s Bridge.

If that bridge is closed for maintenance, then the new venture shuts down, though pedestrians will still have access via the railway station.

The earlier proposed access from the A630 via the redundant railway viaduct will have to be seriously considered.

The old tunnel access from Cadeby village will also have to be considered. It will have to be fully restored as it will be the only emergency escape route from the site across the river.

Finally, seeing that the e-mail address for the SYT contains the word “Dearne”, perhaps the paper’s name should be the Dearne Times!)

D Brown,