Don’t our MPs say the funniest things!


The letter from John Healey just proves to me that members of Parliament say the funniest things.

When his party was in Government, they introduced the dreaded PCSOs.

He doesn’t tell you that the Labour Party would have to make the same cuts, if not worse.

He does do a bit of chest thumping, saying hundreds of people supported him in trying to keep Wath police station open. Why?

This station – along with the ones at Goldthorpe, Wombwell and others – have just become snap cabins for the dreaded PCSOs.

When Mr Healey was Floods Minister this area was devastated and some areas are still under threat (ie Darfield) and people were out of their homes for years.

I’ve got one suggestion for Mr Healey and the rest of our overpaid politicians – clean your house up!

Les Atkins,