Disgusted with Trading Standards


Persuing the web page, my impression was ‘a first class presentation’, more so when I read of the protection, support and power of law enforcement together with the claim ‘works in partnership with our neighbouring three authorities, Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield’.

But do they live up to their claim? Well ‘er, not according to our experience.

During a long and bitter dispute with a local trader I, by mistake, asked for help from Barnsley Trading Standards on October 21, 2010 and received a reply on the 27th, stating details of my complaint had been passed to Doncaster and ‘you should hear from them in the next few days’.

Not having received a reply by November 15, I wrote a factual letter enclosing copies of all items of correspondence to date and posted these to Doncaster Trading Standards on the same day. So far, their reply has been a deafening silence.

Considering that this is a key part of a Nationwide Network of Legally Empowered Departments created to protect the general public and fair traders alike, it beggars belief that Doncaster is, in our case, nothing more than a lame duck.

Both severely disabled and in our late seventies, all we asked for was legal advice to settle a matter of unfinished workmanship that has been allowed to drag on since August 16, 2010, to the current winter months.

With our so-called Mother of all Parliaments, local authorities are set up to be governed by councillors selected from all walks of life and elected to office to serve the local population by, in, turn, appointing suitably qualified officials to manage the various departments that make up our system of local boroughs.

At least that’s how it should be. But if Doncaster Trading Standards is anything to go by, it is time dismissal notices were served.

Words fail to describe our disgust at this time.

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