Council should have raised market rents over the years


In response to rent increases in Mexborough Market – it is not fair and I understand the traders’ worries.

Mexborough used to be a thriving mining town, and it is no more. Money is tight, as it is all over the country, and the prices increase has come at the wrong time (if there is ever a right one).

It boils down to Doncaster Council being at fault for leaving the rents at the same rate for 15 years – they should have increased it year-on-year.

The stallholders would not really have noticed it had the increase been done gradually, and there would have been none of this uproar.

Mexborough resident



I THINK it very harsh that such an increase in rent has been imposed on the Mexborough market traders.

However, it could and should have been done years ago, in stages.

I think it’s easy to guess why now – after 13 years of Labour in Government, when everyone who could be of use in retaining power was treated with kid gloves and it was “bread and circuses” politics.

It’s only now that Labour are in Opposition that Labour-dominated councils are suddenly switching to Mr Hyde mode from their Dr Jekyll niceness.

Front-line services are being cut, despite some councils having millions of pounds in reserves.

All this, of course, is to put the blame on the evil Coalition.

Gullible South Yorkshire people – and those who only know and think Labour – will vote for them again, and the whole sequence of profligacy and waste will be repeated if they get back into power.

John Lawrence,

Ex-South Yorkshire,

(Now Netherlands)