Clean up Conisbrough’s human waste


Reading the concerns of the Conisbrough residents over the anti-social behaviour in that certain area, I can’t say I’m surprised.

You won’t find the same disused sheds and wild behaviour in Sprotbrough. It would soon be nipped in the bud. The west of the borough ends up with all the scum ethnically cleansed from the more gentile areas, so as not to sully their far prettier villages.

I remarked on this before to a councillor who, of course, denies it. Travelling from Mexborough, Denaby and Conisbrough to the east of the borough is like going from Harlem to Hollywood!

I don’t vote for any of the councillors now and I have told them I won’t be in the future, not unless one – or some – clean up the area in human and geographical terms. It’s no good blaming Thatcher now. That was 30 years ago.

Pete Day,