A show that really was the sound of music


What an excellent show the South Yorkshire Musical Comedy Society put on at the Pastures Lodge on Sunday, April 10.

Those who bought tickets but were unable to attend, missed an outstanding night’s entertainment beginning with an excellent opening from the whole cast, followed by an emotional duet from Karen and Scott.

The more mature members did a selection from The Sound of Music that was as good as the film score itself!

A new name, to me and my family, was Scott (a Buddy Holly look-a-like) who has a wonderful voice and did a very good job with Nat King Cole’s It Had To Be You.

The young lady that followed Scott’s It Had to be You said, “and I’ve got to follow that” – but you did it girl!

Your rendition of Wind Beneath My Wings was marvellous, well done. I thought that Karen’s “When You’re Good To Mamma” was the best she has sung – a real bluesy-jazz sound.

The younger members sang their “newer” show numbers with feeling and their upbeat Can-Can routine was a real eye-opener and show-stopper!

I have left it until now to write about Jack Jackson, otherwise the whole letter could have been about him.

A great voice, a beautiful song and brilliantly sung (as usual).

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to say a very big thank you to the “orchestra”... Natalie.

What a musician! Apart from about four pieces, this lady played all night and me and my family could have listened to her for much longer, even playing solo.

Many, many thanks once again to everyone.