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LETTER: Working hard to protect Doncaster’s children.

As child neglect and cruelty cases in Doncaster leap by 25%, the head of children’s services in the borough explain what is being done to keep kids safe...

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Peaceful Peace Gardens

Sheffield Peace Gardens far from peaceful

On Bank Holiday Monday I took Supertram to Sheffield city centre and alighted at Castle Square.

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Wednesday's wonderful Wembley support

LETTER: We're all Wednesday aren't we?

To the owner, manager, staff, players and all supporters of Sheffield Wednesday.

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FEATURE: Sheffield DJs set up new music platform for city’s artists

FEATURE: Sheffield DJs set up new music platform for city’s artists

For most aspiring artists, getting your music played on the radio and heard by thousands of new listeners is the ultimate goal.

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Celebrating Scouting

STAR LETTER: Scouts honour volunteers celebration

This is Volunteers’ Week: The Big Celebration and what better time to recognise the incredible work of our 1,822 Scouting volunteers?

LETTER: Meet junior doctors and hear why they are going on strike

The Junior Doctors dispute could be crucial for the future running of the NHS.

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Hatfield Colliery

LETTER: Hatfield Colliery campaign is an emotive one

A reader with close family links to Hatfield Colliery explains why the campaign to save the ‘headgear’ is a highly emotive one and questions if the money could be better spent elsewhere...

Doncaster Bus

LETTER: Cuts to bus services are not an improvement

Planned ‘improvements’ to Doncaster’s bus routes will actually mean reduced services and longer journeys for many residents, according to one reader. What do you think of the changes?

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Is there too much litter on our streets?

LETTER: Parts of Doncaster ‘in worse state than Libya’

A reader questions what our council tax is being spent on, claiming litter -strewn streets have left parts of the town in a ‘worse state than Libya’...

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LETTER: Doncaster yob behaviour needs to stop

A regular visitor to Doncaster has been left ‘appalled’ by foul-mouthed teenage gangs running riot at Doncaster’s Frenchgate Interchange...

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LETTER: Hypocrisy on refugee crisis

In a week that saw harrowing pictures of so called refugees trying to reach Europe, the story of 25 life prolonging cancer drugs being withdrawn due to cost is over-looked, the story of an ex-serviceman being told he is unlikely to be housed by Tower Hamlets, his Labour controlled council, gets a small mention.

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LETTER: How many more migrants do they think we can take?

I have been listening to all the do-gooders calling for us to take more migrants.

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LETTER: Where is the compassion in refugee crisis?

Our totally inadequate action and use of hostile and inappropriate language is shaming us in the eyes of the world.

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Social Prescribing service reaches 500th referral

Social Prescribing service reaches 500th referral

A Doncaster man has become the 500th referral to Doncaster’s social prescribing service, which opened its doors less than a year ago.

Brian Bradley

Comment: Brian Bradley, a football man who people will remember

With Brian Bradley it was always about the game. Never about him. Today, very sadly, it is about him.

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It’s shocking

I have never been to Saudi Arabia and cannot imagine wanting to, but I heard on the news that women travelling there have to have a man’s permission and to be with him on the journey there.

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Mother nursing son

EDITOR’S VIEW: Breastfeeding - it’s not just mum that feels the pressure of a demanding new-born baby

STAR’s all about you! The brand-new part of your Star which I launched with a challenge to my reporting team: get out into the heart of South Yorkshire’s communities; meet real people, and bring me the real issues that are affecting our readers.

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Louise Haigh, Labour, Sheffield Heeley.

Louise Haigh is labour MP for Sheffield Heeley: I’ll stand and fight with you

On Friday morning I woke up to a world in which I was the new MP for Sheffield Heeley and that Labour was firmly in opposition for another five, long years.

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Cost of hospitality takes the biscuit

There are bound to be eyebrows raised when people digest the figures on today’s front page.

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Richard Bell from the Friends of Hyde Park Cemetery with the grave of Corporal T. W. Booth at Hyde Park Cemetery in Doncaster.

Letters, September 11, 2014

Free Press readers have their say

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