You deserve to know about crime

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This week we were tipped off that there had been a spate of burglaries in a Mexborough estate over a few hours in the early hours of a Sunday morning.

When we went out and spoke to people they were understandably reluctant to give us their names for publication, but there was no doubt something amiss had been going on.

When we initially contacted South Yorkshire Police, they looked into the matter and said they had no record of what had been alleged.

Only when we gave them crime numbers were they able to tell us that any incidents at all had happened.

Had this not been available they would have been unable to let us know anything.

Going back ten years, a police officer would have been able to tell us exactly what had happened and we would have been able to tell you, the public, about it.

We used to be informed of every break in and theft in the area as a matter of course.

Now we are given information when the police think we need to know about it.

Sometimes we are told about assaults and sex attacks weeks and even months after the event, when we are the last resort.

This in our opinion is not good enough.

Because although the police will tell us they want to lessen the perceived fear of crime, the public also deserve to know what is actually going on in their communities.

And if a sex attacker, thug or burglar is at large, surely we can help by passing on his or her description.

The South Yorkshire Times will always let you know about crime in our area and will follow up any information we receive.

You deserve nothing less.