Yobs terrorise neighbourhood from central Epworth walkway

Adrian Sayers, of Epworth holds the brick which was thrown over the wall and damaged his car. Picture: Andrew Roe
Adrian Sayers, of Epworth holds the brick which was thrown over the wall and damaged his car. Picture: Andrew Roe

A walk-through passageway in a residential area close to the centre of Epworth has become a hotspot for late night yobbery.

One family who live by Pashley Walk, off Burnham Road in Epworth, claim they now live in fear after constant incidents. Most recently a hurled missile caused extensive damage to their car, that was parked on their driveway.

Ex-police officer Adrian Sayers, who lives with his wife and one of his three children at the address, is now offering a reward to anyone who can offer information leading to the conviction of whoever was responsible for the offence.

He said: “Almost daily we pick up beer cans that are thrown over our high wall , then one evening someone threw a house brick over the wall which hit the bonnet of my car causing expensive and considerable damage. Of course by the time I have paid my excess and lost my no claims bonus, claiming is pointless.

“ I take great exception to my property being wilfully damaged in this way so would like to offer the excess money as a reward of £200 for information.”

He continued: “Anti-social behaviour is not acceptable, but with the police being undermanned and underfunded, I know they simply haven’t got the manpower available to be everywhere at any one time.

“If anyone does hear or see anything then I would ask them to ring police on the 101 number straight away.”

The family moved in to their old property just a year ago and have spent time and effort refurbishing it and making it their dream home.

They never thought that the ginnel running alongside the outer wall that borders their seemingly quietly-placed property would ever be a problem.

There is also a building development site quite close by that gives passers-by the opportunity to pick up bricks and pieces of rubble, said Mr Sayers, who added: “We have on occasion even been out to try and remove rubble that has been left about , so that it couldn’t be picked up by the wrong people.”

As a father of three himself, Mr Sayers considers that parents should also “shoulder some responsibility as to the whereabouts and actions of their children.”

Night-time noise has become a common feature, particularly at weekends, and wakes the family on occasions, he said.

He added: “We are on edge instead of being able to relax in our home. There are quite a few properties flanking Pashley Walk and I imagine everyone is sick of the nuisance. We don’t want confrontation either, just some peace and quiet with no more upsetting incidents.”

A spokesperson for North Lincolnshire police said: “Police have been made aware of damage being caused to the property and have conducted local enquires.

“This property is situated in an area which does not have many people living close by and so therefore the chances of there being witnesses to the incidents are very limited.

“Local officers have paid attention to the address and will continue to do so. Anyone who may have information can call 101.”

Epworth town councillors had not been made aware of the problem and so were unable to comment.