Work to transform 'wilderness' site of former Doncaster 'Beirut' estate is 'imminent'

Georgina Mullis, pictured by the former Dixon estate, which she hopes will be redeveloped soon. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP Housing Scheme MC 1
Georgina Mullis, pictured by the former Dixon estate, which she hopes will be redeveloped soon. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP Housing Scheme MC 1

Work is finally set to start to re-develop the derelict site of what used to be two of Doncaster's most notorious streets - 17 years after they were demolished.

Wates Residential has confirmed it will start work to build on the former Thompson Avenue and Dixon Road sites 'imminently', transforming a site which had been left derelict since the former estate was demolished in February 2001.

Fire damaged 104 Dixon Avenue, Edlington, in 2000

Fire damaged 104 Dixon Avenue, Edlington, in 2000

It had been compared by residents to the formerly war-torn city of Beirut at the time of its demolition.

The company said today work is scheduled to start on site imminently, and follows close collaboration between Wates, the council and St Leger Homes, the company which manages and operates Doncaster Council’s social housing stock, to secure a future for the long-vacant development site.

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The project will see the construction of 106 new homes, including 86 for private sale and 20 affordable units. The 86 private units will be marketed and sold by Wates, and will consist of 34 two-bed homes, 47 three-bed homes, four four-bed homes and a single bedroom home. The 20 affordable homes will be bungalows and will be built under a separate contract with Doncaster Council.

The new homes will border a recently completed extra care development.

Richard Shroll, Managing Director, Wates Residential North, said: “These new homes will continue the excellent work the council is undertaking across the borough, creating a mixture of housing that will provide a much needed boost for people in Doncaster that are looking to secure a home. Our team is set to start on site in the coming weeks, and we look forward to working closely with the surrounding communities during the project, ensuring that local people benefit from a host of training and employment opportunities throughout the build programme.”

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Coun Glyn Jones, Deputy Mayor of Doncaster and Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “We have been working hard to support building the type of housing that people in Doncaster need and want. That means a wide range of quality homes - including affordable housing and council homes - for people of all ages and backgrounds, from young families to older people. I am proud that these affordable bungalows will provide quality new council homes for over 55s which are much needed in Doncaster."

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Paul Tanney, Chief Executive of St Leger Homes of Doncaster, said: “We are pleased that we will be managing the twenty affordable homes being created by Wates in this development in Edlington. These properties will make a big difference helping local people into homes which meet their needs.”

Little has been built on the Thompson and Dixon sites since they were demolished.

They were pulled down after becoming plagued by anti-social behaviour.

Last year, former mayor of Edlington Georgina Mullis described the site is 'like a wilderness' with all the rubbish that has been building up there over the years.