Wath murderer Arkwright too dangerous for release

NOTORIOUS multi murderer Anthony Arkwright features on a list of criminals deemed so dangerous they will never be allowed to walk free.

Arkwright, from Wath, is among 36 murderers judges agreed must remain behind bars for the rest of their lives, a list released under the Freedom of Information Act has revealed.

Now aged 40, he was caged for the savage murder of his two neighbours in Wath and the killing of his grandfather in Mexborough in August 1988.

Arkwright, 21 at the time, attacked his 68-year-old Lithuanian born grandfather Stanislav Puidokas while he tended to his beloved allotment.

He stabbed him in the neck and then attacked him with an axe and a 14lb hammer before locking the body in a shed.

His next victim was Raymond Ford, who was stabbed 500 times by the sadistic Arkwright, whom police believe wore a plastic devil mask while he carried out the attack.

Mr Ford's body was discovered three days later at his Wath home with his entrails draped around the room.

Arkwright's third victim – Marcus Law – died in a similar frenzied attack at his Wath home after an argument.

He was savagely butchered before being left, with cigarettes stuffed in his mouth and ears.

Arkwright is also suspected of killing his grandfather's elderly housekeeper Elsa Konradaite, 73, but the case never reached court and was ordered to lie on his file. He was jailed for life in 1989.

Shortly after the case, Arkwright's mother - Zoe Wood – gave an interview to the South Yorkshire Times in which she said: "He should never come out, or at least not until he is a very old man.

"I dread to think what will happen if he does. My family and the community will be in grave danger."