Warning over doorstep charity collection

Fewer than one third of items donated to via letterbox bags stand a chance of ending up in charity shops, a charity has revealed.

New research by British Heart Foundation shops reveals that over two thirds of charity bags an average householder receives are from commercial companies, working with charities for financial gain, by selling the donated items overseas.

Almost two thirds of people in South Yorkshire aren’t aware these commercial companies exist and think 100% of the profits made from their charity bag donations go to the charity involved.

The reality is that in some cases as little as five per cent is paid to a charity who is working with a commercial company.

BHF shops are releasing these findings in advance of their BIG Donation stock appeal this September because they think it’s vital people in South Yorkshire understand where their charity bag donations are going.

That way they can make an informed choice when choosing which charity to support.

As well as causing confusion, the escalation in commercial activity has had a negative impact on charity bag donations.

BHF shops have seen a 36 per cent drop in household collections meaning a loss of £494,676 to the charity in Yorkshire and Humber alone over the last two years.