Vulcan forced to make emergency landing and return to Doncaster

The Vulcan XH558.
The Vulcan XH558.

The last flying Vulcan bomber, based at Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster, was forced to make an emergency landing and return to base after a flight for an airshow.

The plane circled for a short time before making an emergency landing at Prestwick Airport, in Scotland, as fire crews waited at the side of the runway and a display in Leicestershire was cancelled as the jet underwent a ‘thorough inspection’ at its base in a hangar at Finningley.

The landing gear on the aircraft developed a problem but was eventually able to lock down in the correct position and complete a safe landing.

The charity which operates the iconic jet, which dates back to the 1950s, released a statement after the incident. It said following a technical issue with the nose-wheel leg strut on arrival at Prestwick Airport, XH558 (the Vulcan) would go directly, to its home base at Robin Hood Airport immediately after take-off from Prestwick.

It added: “This is a precautionary flight that will then allow a thorough inspection and subsequent test of the complete system in her hangar.

“The undercarriage is safely locked, and the aircraft is safe for prolonged flight at lower speed in this condition.”

The incident cancelled a show on Sunday, the the trust says it is not anticipated to affect the remaining part of XH558’s season.

The Vulcan is currently in the middle of its final tour before being retired.

Its final flight is scheduled to take place on October 4.

Watch video of the Vulcan in flight by clicking on the blue link below:

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